When the moon is dark
MY book is filled with the joy that comes from being present as one's life unfolds...  even willing to feel deeply the most tragic feelings while held in love's embrace.

Reflection questions at the end of each chapter invite you to move from my life's stories into the sacredness of your own stories. May your journey be blessed!

There a place of peace and love deep within all of us which when discovered can calm us even in the midst of suffering. This guided imagery is intended to lead you into that place. I invite you to take a few moments for yourself to enter that Sacred Sanctuary and rest there.
"… When the Moon Is Dark belongs to a genre of spiritual literature written by mystics like St. Teresa of Avila, St. Therese of Lisieux, and Blessed Julian of Norwich… it is a fresh questioning of how we look at God and what God is about in our rapidly changing world.”" ... More
Robert Lentz, OFM, co-author, Christ in the Margins

"This is a book... that will inspire, encourage, and empower the reader to the same kind of personal exploration that it describes.I recommend it to anyone who is serious about the quest for the living God." ...More

Frank Houdek S.J. PhD, Spiritual Director and author of Guided By The Spirit

"Pamela Prime writes with the authority of one who has gone to both the edge and the center of her faith. Her compelling journey invites us to engage our own beginnings, stirrings, shatterings, and awakenings.… It invites us to enter our own inner terrain of transformation ... " More

Clare Ronzanni, MA Theology, Director of Spiritual Formation, Franciscan School of Theology, Berkeley, CA