When the moon is dark


Guided Imagery

During a sixteen year period at La Casa De La Luz Pamela has led women and men using guided imagery to help them listen to their spirit. She continues this form of medition weekly with prisoners. You will also have the oppurtunity to experience this form of meditation. This podcast will take approximately 12 minutes. Pamela begins the podcast by helping you to relax so you can find a place of peace and love within.

Below are several guided imagery podcasts that will help you to listen to your spirit. You can also choose to download theses podcasts from the download page.

Sacred Sanctuary

Loving Your Body




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There a place of peace and love deep within all of us which when discovered can calm us even in the midst of suffering. This guided imagery is intended to lead you into that place. I invite you to take a few moments for yourself to enter that Sacred place and rest there.