When the Moon is Dark
When the moon is dark

"As suffering propelled Pamela Prime down her ancient wisdom path, she instinctively began stretching boundaries that were cramping her spiritual growth. …When the Moon Is Dark belongs to a genre of spiritual literature written by mystics like St. Teresa of Avila, St. Therese of Lisieux, and Blessed Julian of Norwich… it is a fresh questioning of how we look at God and what God is about in our rapidly changing world. " (from the Preface)
Robert Lentz, OFM; renowned Iconographer; co-author of Christ in the Margins

"The absolute honesty and ruthless authenticity of this book, written by an emerging female theologian, integrates the personal experience of profound transformation, social vision and revelation. It challenges the assumptions of what it means to be a woman, a mother and a scholar, and offers the allegiance to the experience of living as a litmus test of the degrees of intimacy with God. Reading this book will benefit laity, theologians and spiritual guides alike, and raise the consciousness of the reader regardless ofgender or age. "
Olga Luchachova, MD, PhD.; Professor, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

"This book has it all: provocative prophetic stories of transformation of grief into joy, a journey of deepening faith through deep inner listening, transformational theological inquiry into a more central place of the feminine in spirituality and creative wisdom and healing issuing forth from initial tragedies. Prime lures us into thinking more deeply, sensing more acutely and seeing more clearly the spiritual choices available to us as we make meaning out of life’s vicissitudes.
Rev. Suzanne Fageol; Episcopal Priest;Spiritual Director & Educator

"Pamela Prime writes with the authority of one who has gone to both the edge and the center of her faith. Her compelling journey invites us to engage our own beginnings, stirrings, shatterings, and awakenings.…It invites us to enter our own inner terrain of transformation. This is the story of a woman's radical spiritual quest, filled with honesty, courage, vulnerability, and power."
Clare Ronzanni, MA Theology;Director of Spiritual Formation;Franciscan School of Theology, Berkeley, CA

"In recent years Narrative Spirituality has become prominent in the literature of spirituality. The genre uses personal experience--autobiography—to discover and communicate the mystery of the God who enters our personal human experience. In When the Moon is Dark We Can See the Stars, Pamela Prime gives us an extraordinary example of Narrative Spirituality.

In this work she explores the mystery of her own life. She deftly searches for the God for whom she longed through most of her young adult years. By honestly examining her joy and her sadness, her tears and her laughter, her loves and her losses, she discovers a new face of God, the God who has brought her peace and deep joy.This is a book that will delight and invite the reader to explore the mystery within and behind his or her own life. It will provoke laughter, joy, and even tears. It will inspire, encourage, and empower the reader to the same kind of personal exploration that it describes. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about the quest for the living God."
Frank Houdek S.J. PhD; Spiritual Director; author Guided By The Spirit

"Pamela Prime has shown us a way to move into the mystical....to find the light in the darkness. This is a brilliant book for all women...a must read."
Laura Bushnell; author of Life Magic

"As Pamela Prime courageously delves into the darkest areas of her being in When the Moon Is Dark We See the Stars, she miraculously becomes more and more transparent like the light of the stars themselves illuminating her very soul. This is her story, her journey, but the way she uncovers the profound love that is her true self somehow pulls the reader into his or her own authentic discovery. While accompanying Pamela on her journey, one hears a clear invitation to open to one’s own deep life with the benefit of knowing the light is there for each one of us, if we are willing to venture into the challenging dark places of our own journeys."
Sharon Anderson, M.A. Transpersonal Psychology; Spiritual Director

"Listening to [Pamela’s] heart as she moves through the loss of her children reopened mine to the loss of my own. Her words articulate the experience of a spiritual journey that opens the door to a realm beyond the limits of defined theology."
Linda Emerson Writer; Business Entepreneur

"After reading When the Moon is Dark We can See the Stars, I exclaimed…Pamela Prime is Sophia. Her wisdom is a way to light the awareness of our connection with all humanity and with the divine. My gratitude has no words as my heart floods with joy."
Kimberly Pierce Outreach Worker; Teacher; Case Manager; Family Support Services